Solid Outboard Poles Rotor

In this configuration the rotor is made of a solid, integral part, with the shaft and poles machined into a single forged steel block Gates B123. The poles can be designed and machined already with the integral shoes, machined together and forming a single solid block, or with the separately machined shoes, for attachment to the poles heads by screws, adjusting the disassembly for maintenance purposes. The differentials between these two configurations is that in the case of withdrawable shoes, the pole coils can be made out of them, then installed in them without the shoes and then secured and locked by the shoes screwed on the pole heads.

In the configuration with integral shoes, despite the need for the coils to be made directly at the poles, which is more laborious, the construction is more robust and not subject to failures in fixing the shoes or faults in the screws that fix the shoes, and if this occurs , it may cause critical machine damage. This configuration of poles, although also having a non-uniform mass distribution because it is in polyossalients, is more powerful since the poles are part of the rotor and shaft block itself.

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