Interior paints come in a few types of finishes, from matte to high gloss.

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Epoxy paint
Can be solvent or water based. It is an ink resistant to the action of time and
chemicals. It is a difficult product to apply, which requires a certain technique. It is
suitable for floors, tiles and fiberglass.

So how to choose the ideal one? In addition to personal choice, it’s always good to
know which type is best for each job.
Some characteristics of the types of finishes:
– The lower the gloss, the greater the ability to disguise irregularities on the
surface, that is, the more matte, the better to disguise imperfections;
– The ability to make lighting more diffused and pleasant is related to low glare,
that is, matte surfaces help in diffused lighting;
– Ease of cleaning increases is closely related to shine. The brighter, the easier to
– Wear resistance increases with shine. Glossy surfaces wear less than matte ones.

With that, we conclude:
It is commonly found in latex and acrylic paints. It is suitable for walls and
ceilings. It helps to hide defects and small undulations in the walls, in addition to
enabling touch-ups. It’s also one of the nicest finishes for dark walls. They are
perfect, without showing defects and with a velvety appearance.

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