Oil paint with matte or glossy finish

Sudbury paiting houses Infinity Pro
You can find it with a matte or gloss finish. Due to its oily base, this product contributes to
waterproof the surface where it is applied. It is widely used in materials such as iron, wood or
walls, among others.
Oil paint is durable, washable and perfectly suited for outdoor and indoor environments.
These are some of its main advantages.
There are also other types of paint, such as those made with lime, magnetized and texture
pastes. However, the ones mentioned above are the main ones.
How to harmonize the paint and other elements of the environment
When choosing paint, consider other elements as well, especially coatings. The combination
and harmony between them is essential for the aesthetics and comfort of the place. Keep an
eye out for some tips:
pay attention to room characteristics, such as size, lighting, coverings, etc.;
small spaces gain amplitude with less contrast both on the walls and between them and the
larger sites require contrast between these elements;
be careful with texture mix, so the visual effect doesn’t get tiring over time. A good idea is to
bet on smooth floors and texture on the walls;
when choosing a color palette, make sure one of them is neutral. This way you avoid the
environment becoming heavy or tiring.

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